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  You've heard the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words."  The same is true with storytelling.

Storytelling began with hieroglyphics in ancient times that eventually became scripts and written text.

Comic art tells visual stories with little text.  The transition from one frame to the next provides a pause to the next visual, when the story begins to formulate in your mind.

These examples show the relationship between the text that describes a negative, a common saying among business people, and a positive suggestion.  The graphic on the right provides a visual of the positive result.
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Storytelling With Comic Art:  Turn a Negative Into a Positive


Embrace challenge, and be surprised by what you will learn


The last minute, a chance to sprint and win


Thinking outside the box, offers unlimited possibilities


Diversity of opinion, provides unique perspectives


Putting out fires, teamwork in action at crunch time


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